Welcome to Tervahiihto Nina Lintzen!


Nina is experienced cross-country skier, sports coach, civil engineer, entrepreneur and doctoral candidate with main research interest in snow. Nina has finished e.g. 3rd in Vasaloppet and Marcialonga. Her website: www.lintzensnowacademy.se

Seefeld, Nina´s favourite place for training

Hi Nina, we are excited to hear that you are attending Tervahiihto ski race this year! How did you hear about the race?

I heard about Tervahiihto some years ago when I was at a training camp in Vuokatti and thought it should be nice to participate some time.

Have you visited Oulu before? How about Tervahiihto?

No, actually not. I have just passed by so it will the first time both with the race and visiting Oulu.

Tell us a little about your background as a skier.

I was skiing a little as a child and I started already when I was two years old. When I was 10 years, one coach told me that I never will become a “real” skier, so I stopped and it actually took 10 years until I was standing on a pair of skis again. Then I joined my brother who was competing in skiing and took part in some races just for fun as an amateur skier. The races went quite well, so after a few years I started training a bit harder and since then I have really loved both training, competing and especially long distance skiing.

Little Nina

What is your favourite workout and why?

My favourite workout is skiing on snow, there is nothing better than a hard work out with good skis in a new-groomed track! But I also enjoy running and kayaking.

Nina´s favourite place to go skiing in Seefeld.

Tell us a little about your summertime training.

During the summer I spend the time with a lot of different activities; running, roller skiing, biking, kayaking and also strength training. I also like to compete in the summer and take part in some running and roller ski races, which is great training. Trail running races is a favourite!

Participating trailrunning events is one of the best ways to practice as well.

What is your favourite place to go skiing?

Seefeld in Austria is one of my favourites. A beautiful place with tracks everywhere. But Dundret in Sweden is also very nice.


Ninas´place to do her morning ski workout in Sweden.

How long are you staying in Oulu? Do you have any special plans?

Just over the weekend, my plan is to take part in the race but then I need to go back home and work again.

How are you preparing for the race? Any secrets you would like to share?

I am planning on taking part in different long distance races almost all weekends during the winter, however Tervahiihto will be the only race which not is classic style. I mainly train classic style so my plan is to at least have a few sessions with skating training before the race!

Who are your toughest competitors in Tervahiihto?

Actually I have no idea about the other competitors taking part in the race and my only goal is to do my best and see how far I can reach.

What´s your secret ”weapon” against them? 🙂

I know I have a good finish, so in case of a sprint in the end I hope to be the first one to pass the finish line.

Are you joining AfterSki event in Restaurant Rauhala?

Actually, I didn’t know about this event. But I hope we’ll be able to stay and join!

Warm welcome to Oulu Nina!




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